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What's in my camera bag?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So you want to know what do I carry in my camera bag?

Lets start!


I carry two camera bodies - Canon EOS R & Sony A7SII, shooting videos mostly with Sony and photos with Canon. It doesn't mean canon is bad with video. The autofocus, video quality, c-log, flip out screen, it has almost everything. But Sony a7sii is a low light king, very light weight, super sharp and has great inbuilt image stabiliser. However, sony a7sii is not at all recommended for photography if you're planning to print your photos (because of its 12MP sensor). EOS R is amazingly great with photos too.

Other than these, I carry a Mavic mini drone in a small DJI case which comes with the drone, an old GoPro (hero 4 silver) too which I only use for underwater shots, or car mounted shots.


I carry three Canon lenses along with two Sony lenses for most of my shoots and a Sigma E-mount for putting Canon glass on Sony A7SII.

Canon : 70-200 f2.8 IS LII , 24-70 f2.8 LII, 50 f1.8

Sony : 16-35 f4, 55 f1.8

If something else is needed, I always rent it out.

Camera Equipments
Cameras, Lenses, Drone, Gopro, Mic - Shot on Phone


I have three stabilisers with me - Moza Air 2 gimbal, Zhiyun crane, Flycam HD 3000, G6 gimbal, Vanguard travel tripod. I carry Moza air 2 gimbal with me most of the times, but if I have to pack light and shoot easy, I go with Zhiyun (Its an old version with not much auto control but tool light and easy to use compared to latest upgrade gimbals). I bought Flycam HD and used it for just one project. Because, after few months of buying that, Gimbals came into market. I just felt gimbals are much better. I use G6 gimbal for Gopro. I use tripods mostly for Timelapses, you'll find a lot of timelapses in all my travel films.


Other than these things, I carry extra batteries, plenty of memory cards, cleaning kit, Macbook to transfer and edit on the go, Lights (only if its a professional shoot for client), a field monitor depending on the type of project etc.One of the most important thing which I never want to forget is my Rode Mic to capture that amazing natural sounds. And I put all of this in my Lowepro bag.

I hope this helps. Also, one thing I would like to suggest is that its never about the equipments, its about storytellng. Everything comes secondary. I didn't buy all of this and started photography and filmmaking, I started with a canon 700d with kit lense, then switched to Canon 6d. I have bought these things slowly over time and by making money with it. Sony has launched so many upgraded cameras after A7sii (mine), and Gopro 8 is in the market right now since a year almost. But I still use Gopro 4, because it does the job for me.

I'll be writing more blogs about individual cameras and lenses, drones, etc in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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